Sample iPhone and Android Applications

iPhone Applications

Here are some of our recent projects for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Visit the corresponding App Store pages for further details. We also have some sample Android apps for you to check out.


A fascinating puzzle, simple and exciting at the same time. The main goal is to clear the field from blobs. The fewer moves a player makes the better. The best players from all over the world are listed according to their scores on If you enjoy games such as Doodle Jump, Unblock Me, Simon: Classic, Bejeweled, and Line Up, you will love Dropozoid! Interface is on UIView and UIViewController. Background music, localization for three languages, collection of statistics by Flurry.




  New York for Kids

Handbook for children visiting or living in New York. Represents viewer images and HTML pages, 35 chapters, each with 1 to 6 images. Parameters loaded from the plist. Supports Portrait and Landscape orientation. Search capability. Unique artwork, with colorful and captivating design. Viewing and scaling done on UIScrollView.



  Campaign Trail

Campaign Trail lets you relive one of the most historically significant presidential elections in the palm of your hand! Choose the candidate of your liking and pitch your luck and wit against the computer in this familiar and yet innovative match-3 game. Decorated in a political style, with choice of players, choice of complexity, an enemy computer, and 50 different states.




  Magic Card Trick: I Got Your Card

Have you ever wanted to amaze your friends like a street magician does? Now you can! Have you been searching for the perfect party ice-breaker or gag application that you may use on your friends? The magician in iGotYourCard will guess the card you choose to memorize, every single time! All animation is made on UIView + transition.




  My New Smile

My New Smile transforms your old smile into a radiant, perfect and beautiful, new smile. You simply upload a picture of yourself or someone else and in two quick steps, you’ve created a brand new virtual smile. You can even create a ‘goofy’ smile for those special people in your life. Share your new smile with friends with a push of a button. Users select an area in the photo and replace it with teeth from a library. Drawing made on CGContext with masks.





Sudoku.MD is a gentle Sudoku steeped in its Japanese origin. Watch as sliding Fusuma part to reveal Easy, Normal or Expert Sudoku challenges. Includes in-square note-taking, multiple-undo feature, save and restore multiple games, share boards among friends, solve times ranked within the community, create custom boards, and receive hints and highlighted incorrect moves.



Android Applications

Here are some of our recent projects for Android. Visit the corresponding Android Market pages for further details. We also have some sample iPhone apps for you to check out.

  Power Manager

Power Manager Android App
Power Manager is designed to allow Android phone users to configure and save different power and other settings to help save battery power. Examples include the ability to turn off synchronization when the battery level drops below 30%, to reduce screen brightness when using the battery, and to change the screen timeout if A/C power is on. Users can quickly view and change other phone settings (GPS, Wi-Fi, Network and Bluetooth) based on the battery and voltage levels. With the help of profiles, users can select the most appropriate settings for the current battery level.


uFlowers Android App
uFlowers helps users manage their indoor and outdoor plants. Users can set reminders about watering, fertilizing, and other plant care. The app contains a voluminous illustrated catalog of home plants which users can add to, including information about best locations and types of sunlight for plants, watering and fertilizing recommendations, soil types, etc. The uFlowers app includes calendaring for setting reminders.

  Task Manager

Task Manager Android App
Task Manager helps Android phone owners view and manage the installed applications and processes on their phones in order to help them keep the system running smoothly and optimally. Users can end one or more running applications, and can utilize the auto-end feature to periodically kill currently running applications and background processes. App users can configure and save auto-end frequencies, shake-to-end-all thresholds, messaging rules, and the like.

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