Software Development Services

Whatever your software development requirements may be, Kazzlo will deliver exceptional services customized to your particular needs, and at a highly competitive price. Here's a high-level view of just some of the services that we offer:
Architecture and Design Specification
You wouldn't add an addition to your home without a plan, and similarly, you shouldn't build a website or other application without devoting time and energy during the architecture, design, and specification phase of the development effort. In the end, it nearly always takes less time and money to develop an application when adequate time is spent defining and documenting the architecture and design. A well defined architecture leads to solutions that are secure, scalable, robust, extensible, easily maintained, and defect free. Excellent software application architecture is one of the benefits of working with Kazzlo International.
Web and Desktop Application Development
Our developers use state-of-the-art tools such as Microsoft's Visual Studio and SQL Server, Adobe's Photoshop and Dreamweaver, and CorelDRAW to create beautiful web applications. But what differentiates us from many other software consulting firms is that our engineers have developed an array of standards, templates, and libraries that our offshore developers use to quickly build secure, robust, error-free web applications at low cost for our customers.
Database Architecture and Design
Kazzlo's development team has extensive experience and expertise designing databases. Why is this important? We recognize that the success of many complex applications depends upon the design of the database and its associated data structures. Optimally defining the database design at the beginning of a project can often mean the difference between success and failure, and that's why Kazzlo consultants always spend the time getting the design right before proceeding with the rest of the development effort.
eCommerce and Business Directory Websites
We have extensive experience developing eCommerce website applications. We can build a custom eCommerce or Business Directory website that's perfect for your own and your customers' needs using either an off-the-shelf or a custom software solution. We license our own state-of-the-art "Biz Listings" web development platform which we can use to quickly build and deploy a beautiful, secure, high performance custom interactive website for our clients. And if you like, we can even host and maintain your custom website on our highly secure, PCI compliant servers. With our Biz Listings platform, we can have your custom, full-featured eCommerce or Business Directory website deployed and live in a matter of weeks or even days.
Charitable Website Development
Our Charitable Site Builder platform was custom-designed to enable rapid development of high performance, interactive charitable websites at low cost. In a matter of days, we can build and deploy you a beautiful, highly secure, feature-rich, custom website that's easy to manage and which perfectly represents your nonprofit organization's mission. Our unique platform enables you to roll out features such as blogs, forums, event calendars, new fundraising initiatives, and more over time and without additional development effort or cost. And if you like we can host and maintain your website for you on our highly secure, PCI compliant servers.
Project Rescue
With our diverse and highly skilled team of software developers and designers, Kazzlo is able to rapidly deploy a project team that's optimally matched to your project's needs. We can scale the team as needed to get your project done when time is of the essence. And we can work within whatever development model your company is most comfortable with in order to get the job done. Document-driven development? Agile development? We're comfortable working in either environment. Whichever way you'd prefer to work together, Kazzlo is here for you to see your project through to completion and to provide quality, dependable ongoing support.

Why Kazzlo International?

  • Large Team of Highly-Skilled Developers
  • Our Talented Team of Designers
  • 100s of Successfully Completed Projects
  • Offshore Labor with a U.S. Project Manager
  • Highly Competitive Rates
  • Comprehensive Service Agreements
  • Detailed Project Status & Time Tracking
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Recommended Books

Here are a few books that we highly recommend:
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