Our Development and Design Processes

The following is an overview of our software development and design processes. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email us.
Project Development Methodology
We believe that the best way to develop software or a design application is to use a structured but agile process involving close collaboration between Kazzlo and your team. We want you to have confidence that the technology that Kazzlo develops meets your requirements.
That being said, we’re comfortable working in almost any kind of development environment. Whether Agile, Waterfall, or a development methodology that falls somewhere in between, we’ll use the project management approach that best meets your needs and objectives. If full documentation is required at the start of a project, we’re happy to work this way. If a more flexible, iterative, interactive style is desired, with documentation created during each iteration phase, we’re comfortable with that as well.
Project Visibility
At the beginning of a new project, we’ll create a secure project management website which we use to share and maintain project status, schedules, time sheets, project specifications, and other relevant information with our customers, all under version control. This enables our clients to always know the status of their project at any given point in time. Your appointed representative will interface with a U.S. based project manager that we will assign to your project.
Our Software Development Process
If you decide that you want to proceed with Kazzlo, these are the next steps:
  1. Call or email us to discuss your project. We’ll generally always get back to you within 24 hours.

  2. Once we have enough information from you, Kazzlo will provide you with a preliminary estimate. This helps us both be sure that we’re not wasting one another’s time with a project proposal that’s beyond your means.

  3. If you have not already created a detailed software specification, Kazzlo will co-produce a thorough and comprehensive specification with you. We typically charge for this service at our hourly rate. You can expect to spend 10-20% of the preliminary estimate for this effort.

  4. Kazzlo will then provide you with a final project quote that’s based upon the completed specification (at no additional charge to you).

  5. For fixed-price contracts, the quote will represent the fixed cost that you and Kazzlo will agree to prior to the start of development. Otherwise, the quote will represent a refined project estimate, with actual project costs to be paid on a time and material basis.

  6. Once you approve the estimate, we will assign a project manager, one or more programmers, and a graphic designer (if required) to your project. Immediately thereafter, code design and development will commence.

  7. Kazzlo will set up a testing area either on your server or on one of our own servers.

  8. As project milestones are completed in accordance with the project specification and schedule, you will periodically review the actual working system on the test platform and provide feedback as necessary. The ability to review an actual working system at each phase of development will help ensure that the system actually meets your needs. Modifications (differences from the spec) are handled via change requests.

  9. Once coding is complete, Kazzlo will install the new system on your server. You and Kazzlo with then perform final quality assurance testing against the installed system.

  10. Once any bugs have been fixed and the testing phase has been completed, the finished system will be turned over to you. For more complex applications, we can provide ongoing hosting and maintenance services, if desired.
Our Graphic Design Process
Whether you’re looking to create a new website design, flash development, a logo design, or some other design, Kazzlo will meet with you to discuss your design requirements and work closely with you throughout the entire design development process.
Not sure exactly what you’re looking for? We can help by guiding you through the process step by step.
  1. To begin, we’ll ask you to fill out a questionnaire so that we can better understand your needs.
    Then we’ll review the questionnaire with you and devise a plan of attack.

  2. Next, we’ll deliver several sample designs and sketches to learn about your likes and dislikes.

  3. Based upon your feedback, we’ll continue to refine the design until we arrive at something that perfectly matches your vision.

  4. Once the design has been finalized, our talented programmers will bring your design to life.
Kazzlo will work with you on either a fixed-price or time and materials basis when creating your design.

Client Testimonial

"Kazzlo provided thought leadership, design and development expertise to our company so we could launch a corporate website in 3 weeks. Their quick response and turn around time on changes is amazing. Kazzlo also manages to a tight budget and delivers on time. I am already planning to use them for our next phase of enhancements."
         -Dave Gallo, Bluestone Consulting Group

Why Kazzlo International?

  • Large Team of Highly-Skilled Developers
  • Our Talented Team of Designers
  • 100s of Successfully Completed Projects
  • Offshore Labor with a U.S. Project Manager
  • Highly Competitive Rates
  • Comprehensive Service Agreements
  • Detailed Project Status & Time Tracking
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Recommended Books

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