Kazzlo Referral Program Frequently Asked Questions

Business Referral PartnerHere are some commonly asked questions about our Referral Partner program.
What is the Referral Program?
By joining our Referral Program, you can earn commissions for client referrals when the referred client licenses our Biz Listings software or purchases software development or graphic design services from our company (Kazzlo International). Signing up for the Referral program is free and there’s absolutely no obligation.
What commissions can I earn for client referrals?
For referred clients that purchase software development, graphic design, or consulting services from us, Kazzlo will pay you 5% of all payments made by the client during the first six months immediately following the referred client’s signing of a contract services agreement with Kazzlo.
For referred clients that license our Biz Listings software, Kazzlo will pay you a 10% commission for all licensing fee payments made by the referred client. Since commissions are earned against both initial licensing fees and royalty fees (which are calculated based upon website revenues earned by the licensee), Referral Partners can earn many thousands of dollars per client referral. As the referred client’s monthly earnings increase, so too will your commissions. [Learn more about the Biz Listings licensing opportunity by clicking here.]
What is a Referral ID?
A Referral ID is an alphanumeric ID value which you should use when referring new customers to our company (Kazzlo International).
How do I obtain a Referral ID?
Visit our Referral Partner Application page to obtain your Referral ID. Simply send us your contact information via the one-page application form and we'll email you a dedicated Referral ID which you should then use when referring clients to us.
How is the Referral ID used?
You use your ID when referring prospective clients to our company. You will need to provide the client with your assigned Referral ID so the client can include it when signing a licensing or contract services agreement with Kazzlo. The client must include your Referral ID at the time the contract is signed in order for you to receive your commission.
How often can I use my Referral ID?
Use the Referral ID as often as you wish. There's no limit to the number of referrals you can have. Indeed, you are welcome to distribute your Referral ID in any way you like; examples include: listing it on your website, sending it in emails, and posting it to a forum or blog.
When and how will I be paid?
Kazzlo will mail you a referral commission check within 60 days of when the referred client makes a payment to Kazzlo. In all cases, a client payment is considered to have been made only after it has been cleared by our bank. For Referral Partners that prefer commission payments in the form of PayPal or wire transfers rather than a check, we can do this as well. However, Kazzlo will deduct wire and PayPal processing fees from any commission amounts earned.
In the case where the referred client makes installment payments against a contract services agreement, or ongoing royalty fee payments as part of a Biz Listings licensing agreement, Kazzlo will continue to send you commission checks in the above-described manner for each client payment made to Kazzlo. Note that Kazzlo only pays commissions for payments made during the first six months immediately following the signing of a contract services agreement. However, Referral Partners will continue to earn referral commissions for any and all royalty payments made by Biz Listings licensees over time.
What are Biz Listings royalty fees?
A Biz Listings licensee is free to market and sell website services in any manner that he or she wishes. Typically, revenues are generated in the form of business subscriber fees which companies pay to the licensee for being listed on the licensee’s website(s). However, Biz Listings websites can generate income in many other ways as well. Other examples include: income from pay-per-click and banner ad placements, job listing fees, and earnings from book, magazine, and other product sales.
Licensees pay a royalty fee to Kazzlo for each month that they earn revenue via their Biz Listings based websites. The royalty fee is calculated as a percentage of the total income earned by the website for a particular month.
Referral Partners earn 10% of all royalty fees paid by clients that the Referral Partner has referred to Kazzlo.
What happens in the event of a client refund?
If a referred client receives a refund from Kazzlo as the result of a resolved dispute or some other mutual agreement, the refunded amount may be taken into account when calculating the Referral Partner commission amount. If the refund is made prior to the referral commission being paid, then the commission amount will be calculated based upon the client payment less the refund. However, if the refund is made after the referral commission has been paid, then no attempt will be made by Kazzlo to recover a portion of the commission payment from the Referral Partner.
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