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Project Respond Launches New Website
Published: February 11, 2010    By: Elizabeth Haviland
Project Respond, Inc. announced today that it had launched its www.ProjectRespond.org website.
Project Respond is an environmental nonprofit that believes that small efforts at the local level can have a tremendously positive impact upon the global environment when repeated by many like-minded citizens. The website includes an environmental blog, articles and timely news, a 'green' event calendar, and a collection of books and magazines about climate change, clean energy, pollution, healthy living, and a host of other environmentally-related topics.
Site visitors can purchase one of several different models of hand-made beaded bracelets that are made with semi-precious stones and glass beads. A full 100% of all net proceeds from bracelet sales are used to fund polar bear research and conservation efforts in the Arctic.
Project Respond has also launched its Green School Scholarship program which awards cash scholarships to college-bound U.S. high school students who display initiative, ingenuity, and leadership in helping to make their schools sustainably greener.
Kazzlo International developed the Project Respond website with its Charitable Website Builder software platform. Kazzlo is also hosting and maintaining the Project Respond website on its secure Windows Server 2008 servers.

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John O'Brien said:
July 05, 2010 @ 11:41 PM

Project Respond sounds like a fantastic idea! Good luck.
November 22, 2010 @ 03:38 PM

Great website. Very informative for all ages.

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